Stone Group

Interactive Zone

Area highlights:

– Learn about and experience innovative and engaging ways to utilise tablets in the classroom to their full potential

– Drop in and get expert advice on tablets in the curriculum from Tablet Academy specialists

– Curriculum-focused, hands-on tablet sessions – cross-platform and cross-vendor

– Exciting, yet achievable ways to better education through ICT

What will I see there?

Almost 70% of schools in the UK are now using tablets, but many feel there is a significant skills gaps for educators when it comes to knowing how to use them, and knowing how to successfully integrate them into the curriculum in a way that enhances learning.

This year we’ve taken the tablets out of our hardware section and moved them to the Interactive Zone. We want you to get hands-on with the latest devices whilst you’re discovering how to use them for teaching. What’s the use in having a shiny new tablet if it sits on your desk gathering dust?

We’re partnered with Tablet Academy – a leading education consultancy and training organisation focused on tablets in schools – and this year they’re bringing a range of tablet-centric activities for the classroom to our BETT stand. We want you to get involved, learn about and be inspired by some of the latest innovative activity ideas for engaging students with tablets. Bring your own device or choose from one of our wide range of to carry out the activities – whether it’s Windows, Android or iOS your prefer, we’ve got a solution for you. You’ll get the chance to perform in front of a green screen, program a robot, investigate a crime scene and more. Stone and Tablet Academy specialists will also be on-hand to offer expert educator and technical advice on integrating tablets, both into the curriculum and your institution’s network, as well as TalkTechTeach, our three stage, end-to-end solution for delivering tablets into the curriculum.

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