Stone Group


Area Highlights:

– Find out more about how our free secure IT asset disposal service can help you safeguard students and staff

– Experience our popular recycling tour at BETT – follow step-by-step what happens to old IT hardware when it reaches Stone HQ, see data being wiped, and learn of a hard drive’s fate once destroyed

– Consult with compliance specialists about how to meet your sustainability and security legal obligations

What will I see there?

An area of ever-increasing importance in education – as identified and evaluated by OFSTED – is safeguarding. This applies to staff and students alike and if not considered and planned for can have disastrous consequences. Many institutions have safeguarding protocols in place for devices that are in use every day – but what happens when these devices reach the end of their useful life? What happens to the data then? Our Recycling specialists will be available to advise you on disposing of your redundant IT hardware and data safely and securely in our fully accredited Recycling facility, completely free of charge. We use industry-leading software to erase data to government standards.

We often get feedback from visitors to our site that having the chance to see our Recycling facility at work is one of the highlights. We’re bringing a mini-version of the tour to BETT so that you can see our data erasure software at work, what happens when a hard drive goes through our industrial shredder and what we do with devices suitable for refurbishment and re-use.

Find out more about our Recycling services: